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A‭ ‬direct impact that transcends the individual economy

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The future is not something we enter.
The future is something we create.

Homing aims to accelerate the transition to a sustainable living,‭ ‬through the creation of housing solutions with optimization of resources and improvement of quality of life in interior spaces.‭ ‬
In this sense,‭ Homing defined a complete process that analyses the building,‭ ‬whether in the initial phase,‭ ‬in an execution project or already in operation.

The technological solutions are chosen based on fundamental assumptions of sufficiency and energy efficiency,‭ ‬in this order,‭ ‬Homing being agnostic about suppliers and solutions technologies.

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Economic Option

The economy achieved by Homing´s approach translates into more economic availability in the medium and long term for the user or asset manager.

The higher level of water and energy independency will mitigate the negative impact of shortages and interruptions in supply (namely from extreme weather episodes) and mitigate the impact of the increase in electricity and water tariffs, guaranteeing higher resiliency and economy.

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Economic Responsibility

Buildings that contribute to the reduction of the energy needs and to the harnessing of local energy resources

Social Responsibility

Buildings that contribute to the health and wellbeing of the occupiers and to the sustainability of the societal systems.

Environmental Responsibility

Buildings that contribute to the reduction of the environmental footprint and the reduction of the CO2 emissions, with impact on climate change.

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Efficiency in the selection and management of systems

Upon definition of the principles of usage and having maximized the sufficiency of the building within the economic parameters desired by the Client, the residual energy needs may be fulfilled by the local renewable energy generation and storage systems, maximizing the operational efficiency.

The central operation management system will be adequate to the needs and expectations of the users, allowing the seamless operation of the building and its dynamic systems, which may include windows, blinds, ventilation, appliances, heating and recirculation of hot water, security, lighting and generation and storage of electricity.