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Homing suggests some innovative and inspiring names of Portuguese architecture.

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Moradia 08

Enhanced Environmental Profile project, optimizing solar gains, energy management and uninterrupted views of the “Serra de Sintra”.


Home 08

Moradia 01

A house that stands out for its strong connection to the place, through the application of materials in harmony with the surroundings.


Home 01

Moradia 02

With distinct and angled shapes and a strong use of windows to increase thermal gains.


Home 02

Moradia 03

Natural coatings and geometry favouring privacy are some of the strengths of this house.


Home 03

Moradia 04

A contrasting home, with dash of traditional look.


Home 04

Moradia 05

A traditional look, maximising the solar gains and with an irreverent top floor in zinc.


Home 05

Moradia 06

A modern look designed with efficiency in mind.


Home 06

Moradia 07

Origami: Modular layout for simple adaptation to an infinite number of styles and contexts.


Home 07

Moradia 09

Flexibility and customisation within the sufficiency principles.


Home 09

Moradia 10

A modular living concept, thought for speedy and industrialized construction, organised around a single common area.


Home 10

Moradia 11

A unique house, with a new take on traditional features such as clay tile roofs and stone reveals.


Home 11

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